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“Your drama coaching performed the magic trick of untethering me from my lecture scripts and allowing me to be vulnerable to connecting directly with my audiences. It has engaged people like no lectures in my past 30 years on podiums.”
– Gail Sheehy

“Steve is an outstanding actor and an even better teacher; he has taught me volumes about my craft and about myself! Steve is a mentor and a friend, and it is an honor to work with him.”
– April Schiavoni

“Steve is an artist – someone whose intellect, commitment to collaboration, and sensitivity to the text defines his work. Steve’s warmth and perceptive humor make him not only a mesmerizing performer and an ideal director, but a friend. Whatever the material is, I bring it to Steve – it is his opinion I value most.”
– Genevieve Adams

“Working with Steve Hamilton as a private coach and teacher is a rewarding experience for me at many levels. It is not every teacher who can work with confidence intimately, one on one with a student, encourage them, be very present to that student while having them search for the truth in their expression without pressure. I have greatly appreciated my time with this skilled teacher.”
– Ellen Myers

“Steve Hamilton is the best acting teacher I have had – he opened me up to finding my own pace and being able to completely transform myself to live in a role.”
– Joe Brondo

“I have been doing skype coaching with Stephen Hamilton since November of 2010, and it has been a wonderful and illuminating experience. He has helped me to approach texts with spontaneity, trust, honesty, and confidence, and provided me with invaluable tools for combating audition anxiety. Working with him, I have never felt a sense of distance due to skype, but have experienced him making a personal connection with me, much the way he would in person. The audition process is no longer as scary and mysterious as it once seemed for me, and I am approaching my latest set of auditions with a sense of clarity and grounded confidence that I attribute almost entirely to my work with him. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone in search of one-on-one acting coaching, and assure them that yes, if you can’t access Steve in person, it really is possible to have a productive acting session on skype.”
– Adriana Jones, Seattle, WA