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An Inspirational Message About Failure

Here’s an inspirational message from Director, Producer and Acting Teacher, Risa Bramon.  Risa was an important collaborator early in my acting career in New York.  She directed a play at Ensemble Studio Theatre, one of my first breaks in the business, from which important relationships were established that exist to this day: “I recently read […]

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Let the Breath Lead the Way

I discovered something this morning in my yoga practice about breath, and it occurred to me how imprtant it could be not only for my practice on the mat, but to my life onstage and as a teacher. I’m one of those controlling types. My morning yoga practice is more often than not a reflection […]

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Life Lessons from a Master Playwright

It’s extraordinary when you think of it.  Sir Peter Shaffer, author of the Tony award-winning play Equus, is watching a rehearsal for the upcoming revival of his play at the John Drew Theater in East Hampton… and he’s taking notes.  He’s listening to the words he wrote over 35 years ago as if he were […]

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I Get Blasted


Sometimes, a night at the theatre is painful, for all the wrong reasons.  Other times, an evening of theatre can be shocking and cruel and still make you want to go again and again. For me, the American Premiere production of Blasted by Sarah Kane at the Soho Rep was the latter. About 6 months […]

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